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This Day in History — August 30

August 30, 2017 7:51 AM
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1983: Guion S Bluford Jr becomes the first black American astronaut to travel in space, blasting off aboard the Challenger.

1945: Britain re-establishes its governance of Hong Kong, ending three years and seven months of Japanese occupation.

1967: Thurgood Marshall becomes the first black American appointed to the US Supreme Court.

1979: Hurricane David devastates island nation of Dominica as it rampages through the Caribbean and US eastern seaboard, claiming 1,000 lives.

1997: Britain's Princess Diana, her boyfriend Emad Mohammed al-Fayed, the Harrod's heir, and driver Henri Paul die in a car crash in Paris after being chased by photographers.

2001: More than 430 refugees rescued from a sinking ferry, most of them Afghans, languish on a Norwegian cargo ship as Australia refuses them entry.

2006: Israel rejects demands from visiting UN Secretary General Kofi Annan that it immediately lift its sea and air blockade of Lebanon and withdraw its forces once 5,000 international troops are deployed.

2008: Gustav howls into Cuba's Isla de Juventud as a monstrous Category four hurricane, while both Cubans and Americans scramble to flee the path of the storm, which has already killed 81 people.

2009: Japan's Opposition sweeps to a historic victory in elections, crushing the ruling conservative party that has run the country for most of the post-war era and assuming the daunting task of pulling the economy out of its worst slump since World War II.

2010: An enormous drill begins preliminary work on carving a half-mile (nearly a kilometre) chimney through solid rock to free the 33 men trapped in a Chilean mine, their ordeal now having equalled the longest known survival in an underground disaster.

2011: Libyan rebels say they are closing in on Moammar Gadhafi and issue an ultimatum to regime loyalists in the fugitive dictator's hometown of Sirte, his main remaining bastion: surrender this weekend or face an attack.

John Gunther, US journalist/author (1901-1970); Fred MacMurray, US actor (1908-1991); Cameron Diaz, US actress (1972- ); Lisa Ling, US TV personality (1973- )


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