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DJ Wheelchair rises above his disability

May 10, 2018 2:00 PM
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DJ Wheelchair rises above his disability

Whoever decided to use the word 'disabled' to describe persons in wheelchairs due to physical deformations did not think through all the nuts and bolts.

Thirty-seven-year-old Kirt Walcott (formerly CJ Killer), who goes by the name DJ Wheelchair, said that his 'so-called' disability and music are the two things that have kept him going for more than half his life. He relies on a wheelchair, but despite having the condition, he is not allowing it to limit or dictate what his future holds.

"I have been in a wheelchair for almost all my life. My spine was injured before birth, due to an injury my mother got when she fell on her belly during pregnancy with me," DJ Wheelchair told THE STAR.

He is unable to walk, but that has not stopped him from doing what he does best spinning on the wheels of steel. In his spare time, he creates mixtapes or gets involved in contact sports like basketball.

The selector said that he has become accustomed to persons taking care of him, but it is not something that he accepts willingly.

"It was hard at first, growing up in a home with family doing everything for me. I never used to like going on the road, it mek me feel a way. It was not until one of my primary school teachers was taking us on a science field trip and mi tell her, 'Me nah go in the bus', and she seh 'eeh' and made two persons lift me on. From that day I overcome some of the fear," said DJ Wheelchair, while noting that unlike some of his paraplegic friends, he has sensation in his limbs and lower body.

He said that he is still a little stubborn, but he only does that to own his independence, especially in his current relationship.

"Mi always tell my girl seh mi nuh want her be no maid. I wash, cook and clean like anybody else," he said.

The greatest challenge he has had to face as a selector is getting on to the high stages on which the DJ consoles are usually located.

"People sometimes lift me on to stage (with the wheelchair) and the next issue would be to reach the mixing tools. But I now have my own so most times I just go the event and plug in," he said.

DJ Wheelchair's signature mixing style is playing culture music with a little acoustic or vocals in-between, as he say dancehall music is too easy.

"I like when music can play like a story yah tell. Coming from the days of using 45s (vinyl records) to play music in the dance where it was even harder for me to move quickly to select a song until now, I don't mind the challenge," he told THE STAR.

The selector expressed that many young persons with disabilities are lacking faith and confidence.

"Never give up yet in life. No matter the challenges, keep a strong head. For persons like me, they have to have confidence to do their best," DJ Wheelchair said.


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