2, 36, 13, 23, 3 look good

February 25, 2018 6:28 AM

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Friends , I cyaan believe we almost done two months in 2018 already. And today is the second (2) anniversary of the 32-31 election when the elderly lady (36) lost to the youngster (11).

Then a see the elderly man (13) running up and down and making a lot of noise, but mi a wonder if people listening to him. Mi think dem need a younger voice and new vision. The same 1970s and 80s politicians dem dun.

I was wondering what kind of game that mongoose was playing why it ran across the road and decide to run back same time? All I know, it lucky it never get crushed!

The funeral driver (23) look like him wanted another dead (3) why him slow down and mek another motorist nearly slam into him.

That was another big performance from our young athlete at the stadium yesterday. Things looking bright.

Acting Police Commissioner (34), keep those cops (13) at the major intersections. Something those before you did not implement.

Source: jamaicaobserver.com

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