Accused in container theft to reappear in court

December 6, 2018 5:59 AM

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Accused in container theft to reappear in court

A teenager accused of conspiring with others to steal a container with 99 drums of dangerous chemical from premises in Kingston, is scheduled to return to the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court next Wednesday for the continuation of his bail application.

The 19-year-old part-time driver, Chevon Walker, is, however, claiming that he was paid $10,000 to transport the container to a location in Mountain View, Kingston.

Last Friday, his lawyer Ernest Davis, made a bail application in which he maintained that his client was paid to remove the container and was not aware that the container had been stolen.

However, the police objected to the application on the grounds that Walker was a flight risk and that he was being investigated for similar offences. Parish Judge Vaughn Smith therefore postponed the application and asked for the investigating officer to attend court to provide further details.

Walker, who is charged with simple larceny and conspiracy, was then remanded.

He was scheduled to reappear in court yesterday but the matter was postponed to next Wednesday.

According to allegations, Walker, who is employed at a bus and truck service company at Port Bustamante, where he shuttles containers. On September 13, between 9 and 10 pm, Walker went to Gretna Green Avenue, where he and others allegedly stole the $500,000 container with the drums of chemicals, valued at US$8,000.

It is alleged that the container was mounted on a trailer, which is the property of another company.

The accused was apprehended two days later in possession of the said trailer at his workplace, and when questioned about the theft, reportedly told the police that he was not at work on that day.

However, checks made with his employer revealed that he was, in fact, at work and was driving the said trailer, and had left the compound during the time when the items were allegedly stolen.

The accused, on hearing this, reportedly confessed that he was paid $10,000 to take the container to Mountain View. However, when he took police to the location the container was not there.


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