ATL steps in new direction with expanded appliance line

September 10, 2017 6:07 AM

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On the eve of its 50th year of operation, retailer Appliance Traders Limited (ATL) has extended its product offering with a new range of domestic and commercial appliances to be traded under its signature brand, Prizm.

“The intricately designed Prizm merchandise will now consist of smart televisions, fans, commercial laundry equipment and refrigeration, along with its highly successful standard and inverter air conditioners, generators and minibars,” ATL said in a news release.

“We pooled our team's technical expertise with extensive research and visits to top overseas manufacturers so that we could engineer high-quality appliances that would maintain the ATL standard and still be economical options for our clients,” the release quotes ATL Managing Director Danville Walker, who explained that each item was carefully selected for its performance as well as price point.

The company said that as an ode to innovation, its newest products have been designed to complement its eco-friendly, energy conservation ethos without comprising efficiency.

“With mini-sized and integrated intelligent control, temperature control and self-testing capabilities, the Prizm commercial refrigerators, which are among the first to hit the market as part of this development, have been positioned to meet the demand of medium to small enterprises, including grocers, hotels and restaurants,” ATL said. “The transparent surface of the display cases have also been optimised, allowing for clearer external views and energy savings by limiting cold air loss.”

The company also announced the introduction of commercial washers and dryers, with a minimalistic, sleek design acclaimed for its aesthetic appeal. “The washers also offer child safety and emergency features, three dispensers, a digital and manual interface, and both boast cutting edge material for added durability,” the company said.

Noting that Prizm's new ultra high-definition 4K, Internet-ready smart televisions have also secured a comparative place in the Jamaican marketplace, ATL said a big part of its focus has been convenience and addressing challenges consumers might have with disposable income.

“Prizm is significantly less expensive than other models, so the result is that it bridges the gap by facilitating a wider demographic — the successful business owner who still wants to cut operational costs but has a solid, trusted product, or someone else who aspires to simply improve the place they go home to,” Walker said. “Prizm is a brand we stand behind with full warranty and will redefine how people view luxury.”

Appliance Traders, through its other exclusive brand, Aquatemp, has been trading commercial fryers and ranges with ovens. The company has now made Prizm products accessible through its brick-and-mortar and online stores, citing an expectation that this latest venture will allow for capturing additional market share while it also looks into plans to extend its reach with Prizm to other Caribbean markets.


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