Attorney disbarred for failing to hand over $5.8m to client

November 3, 2018 5:59 PM

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Attorney disbarred for failing to hand over $5.8m to client

ST ANDREW, Jamaica — The General Legal Council has advised that Attorney-at-law Howard Lettman has been struck off the Roll of Attorneys entitled to practice in Jamaica due to several professional breaches.

According to a newspaper advertisement yesterday, Lettman was found in breach of the legal profession on July 28; this being the second order for striking off, as an order was made on December 12, 2017.

The Disciplinary Committee of the General Legal Council made the striking off order after hearing evidence in a complaint brought by a man who had Power of Attorney to act on behalf of his sister.

The committee found that Lettman represented the woman in the sale of property for a price of $6,500,000, however, she is yet to receive the proceeds from the sale, which amounts to $5,873,750.

Lettman is found to have breached Canon 4 ( r ), Canon 4 ( s ), Canon 1 ( b ) and Canon 7 ( b ) (ii) of the Legal Profession (Canon of Professional Ethics), Rules.

As such, he is not entitled to practice in Jamaica or be employed in that capacity by any member of the public.


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