Bishop Gibson confident of winning All Together Sing

December 5, 2018 6:31 AM

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Bishop Gibson confident of winning All Together Sing

Suzette Hardeen, the team leader for Bishop Gibson High School's choir, says they are busy putting plans in place for when they are announced winners of the 'All Together Sing' competition.

The first-time finalists are confident that the school will walk away with the coveted title on Sunday.

"We are anxiously awaiting and voting, so we are in top gear, just ready to collect the prize," she told CENTRAL STAR.

Hardeen noted that one of the main forces pushing the Mandeville-based institution towards the prize is the fact that they had to change choir directors during the competition.

"One of the reasons why we are pushing to ensure that we take home the prize is because the journey has been one defined as going against the odds because we had started out with another choir director. Regrettably, he didn't get to complete the journey with us, and I just wanted the girls to realise that no matter what, we have to move on," she explained.

The school entered the competition once before this year's edition, but did not make it very far.

And while they are eyeing the crown, Hardeen said the girls would have learned valuable lessons on their journey.

"The focus for us is winning yes, but the lifelong lesson is that the girls will know that no matter what, they just have to keep ploughing on, and with God's help, they will make it," she said.

"I am sure that they never expected that they would have come this far, and worse yet when they walk away with the coveted prize, so we are just waiting," she added.

Hardeen said the girls practise every day except Sundays and Thursdays.

"I would not say that they have a formal practice but right throughout the journey into Kingston, they are singing and when they get to the studio, too, they are outside practising," she said.


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