Blame game and hyprocites

October 26, 2018 6:59 AM

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Blame game and hyprocites

Friends, dem seh di drainage was too small (10) to carry di heavy volume a flood water (30) on Tuesday. But I want to know if is di fuss time Garvey Drive a flood so much?

Why dem neva build a much bigger (33) drain when dem was upgrading di road?

And now, one member of the Opposition a blame Government (34) fi di flooding! Weren't they in office for almost two decades when people used to get stuck on that road when rain drop heavy? These are the things in politics that disgust mi! Hyprocites!

So, it seem some home-grown terrorists did out fi eliminate (3) senior Democrats. Wonder if Mass Donald will try to find those terrorists on his own soil?

Then, mi always affi wonder why ole car give poor people so much trouble. See one car bruk down (8) a road and when mi look di front-end pop off. No wonder poor people caan have nuh money as ole car bruk dem bad.


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