Can I be fired for bad attitude?

December 3, 2017 5:14 AM

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I find myself in constant conflict with my boss who has recently threatened to fire me. Can I be fired for what my boss calls my bad attitude?

There is no doubt that a bad attitude will have a negative effect on workplace productivity. Whereas it might be difficult for your employer to justify terminating you solely on a charge of “bad attitude”, it is not impossible for it to be done. And although firing you for “bad attitude” may not be able to sustain a legal challenge, often the time and cost to mount one will not be worth it.

Additionally, your manager may rely on the provisions of the organisation's rules, regulations, and disciplinary procedures, especially for conduct that specifically relates to the treatment of customers or fellow employees.

If you value your job, why not simply change your attitude and save you and your boss further stress? Honestly evaluate yourself to see which actions, including non-verbal, are triggering the perception that your attitude is bad. Next week, in part two to this response, we will help you explore how your non-verbal cues might be leading to the perception of a “bad attitude”.


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