Cops on alert and that wasp bite

March 11, 2018 6:32 AM

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Friends , I want to big up all those who take their money (25) to buy this newspaper because of the rake. I am asking that you keep supporting the Observer way beyond its 25th anniversary.

I had to leave a wasp without its life (3) yesterday as an exchange for the bite (13) I got from it yesterday. Wasn't troubling this pest, so I don't know why me?

I love our teachers, but I am wondering if they are being unreasonable. Truth be told, I don't think some deserve an a increase, given the low grades children leave their schools with. Some boys (11) and girls (16) graduate from high schools without being able to read and write properly. Should you blame Government for this? No!

Tell you about cops (13) on alert. Two from Waterford, apparently keeping an eye on the man (23) driving the pickup truck, yesterday draw down 'pon him as he was about the leave the parking lot of the big (33) bank. Big up to our police officers who work hard to keep us safe.


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