Follow showers, goat and maaga dog

April 1, 2018 6:10 AM

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Friends, it was a peaceful day Good Friday. Please have my best wishes as we celebrate Resurrection Sunday today. It's the day He arose from the dead (3), and know you know what that means.

From those who will continue to enjoy bun and cheese, remember the less fortunate ones who have not tasted that commodity for quite a long time cause dem money (25) caan stretch.

By the way, me always wonder why so many people wait until Holy Thursday to buy fi dem own. You want to see how them swarm the supermarkets. It was like Christmas Eve.

Now, as we get to the secondary rainy season, I hope we will get some good showers (24) as March neva go on wid a thing.

Why were so many goats (35) and a little mawga dog (11) on the North South Highway on the Goodly Friday? People we have to keep the animals off the toll road as they pose a serious threat to life. Please!

The security forces (13) were courteous as I got my first check in the state of emergency. But I didn't see them with a list of names so why dem ask people in car for an ID?


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