Foota leaves Downsound After being suspended with other artistes

September 17, 2014 5:05 PM

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Popular selector Foota Hype has apparently left Downsound Records, based on a song released under the label that he claims blatantly disrespected him.

In a post on Instagram yesterday morning, Foota Hype announced that he has parted ways with the label.

"Effective this minute, rite now, @footahypemusic is no longer a part of the @downsound_music company. I QUIT, resigned, lef di work, which ever way wi can put it, on the basis of not getting the respect I deserve from the company CEO Joseph Bogdanovich, as in them producing and releasing material in the form of a song that is aimed at violating and disrespecting me and my brand," he said.

"I will not work for a company that is deliberately trying to tear down my brand, image and character in order to make another person in same company relevant. At the end of the day, I was Foota Hype before @downsound_music and will continue to be after."

When contacted, Foota Hype went a bit further. He said he was disrespected by the Restraining Order and Cry Baby songs that were done by Ishawna.

"Mi get disrespected by Ishawna, and Joe doing nothing about it. Is like things gone from business to personal, so I decided to leave," he said.

But Ishawna countered Foota Hype's argument, claiming that Cry Baby was not written about him.

"The song is built off Papa San's Maddy Maddy Cry, it is a direct counteraction to Papa San's lamenting about his woman leaving him. Right now, Foota Hype is not that important for me to do another song about him. Restraining Order is about him, but this song doesn't even have any references. Cry Baby is a club song, a straight hit, and it is about relationships. I can't stop people putting it up on YouTube as a 'Foota Hype diss'," she said.

"I wish Foota Hype the best with his life, but I am an artiste, and music is like therapy for me. This is how I work out my problems. I put everything in music, and he needs to get over himself, this song is not about him."

Meanwhile, in a statement, Joe Bogdanovich said Harry Toddler, Naazir, Specialist, andDon Husky, and selector Foota Hype were suspended on Monday from Downsound Records until further notice, without pay. Ishawna, Nature, Ninja Man, and nine others persons from the security, artiste liaison, secretarial and music-engineering departments remain on staff.

"The recent developments at Downsound are geared towards addressing our international presence. We have made staff changes addressing the key areas of international promotion and artiste development. We have actually outgrown our 43 St Andrew Park location. We have been there over a decade, and this is an opportunity to expand,and for us to move to a more technically advanced environment," Bogdanovich said.

"We are going to focus on the careers of Ninja Man, Ishawna and Nature. Downsound Records is always seeking opportunities to expand the scope of its business. That is our primary focus going forward, tapping into new income streams and raising the international profile and excitement level on the music scene ... just watch!" he said.

However, Foota Hype maintains that he has left the camp and will be moving on, as he was a brand long before he went to Downsound Records and will continue to have a career now that he has left.

"Foota is always Foota. When I went to Downsound, it was nowhere in dancehall like where it is now. It is my energy that bring them to the forefront. Mi find hit wid Specialist, mi find hit wid Nature. The only hit Ishawna have, is me mek it. Mi a do my work, and dem a deal wid soap opera thing, and mi nuh deh pon dat," he told THE STAR.


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