Gov't to subsidise exam fees of secondary level PATH students

October 11, 2018 5:27 PM

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Gov't to subsidise exam fees of secondary level PATH students

KINGSTON, Jamaica — The Government of Jamaica will be providing full examination subsidies in some subject areas for secondary level students sitting exit examinations in 2019.

The subject areas include Mathematics, English Language, a Science subject, Information Technology or EDPM and a Marketable skill area in NVQ-J, CVQ and City and Guilds examination.

“Full subsidy payment will also be made for up to eight subjects for students on PATH and wards of the State who are eligible to receive the support,” the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information disclosed in a release today.

Full subsidy means the Government will undertake the cost of all fees associated with the examination which includes entry fee, subject fees, practical fees, fees for orals and all other fees related to the subject.

The ministry said examination coordinators are allowed to modify the subsidy document to include the additional subjects for these students.

At the same time, school administrators are being reminded that students registering to sit various exit level examinations for the 2018/2019 academic year should do so in keeping with their career pathways, interests and abilities.

The ministry further reminded that students entering the fourth form should all be settled into a course of study for the following two years and those exiting the secondary level should have met the minimum standard of a National School Leaving Certificate with the minimum subjects attained in either CSEC, City and Guilds, NVQJ or CVQ being Mathematics, English Language and a marketable TVET skill.

“Students may complete up to eight subjects but should be encouraged to exit the secondary level with at least five subjects which should include Mathematics, English and a marketable TVET subject,” the ministry said.

Meanwhile, Education Minister Senator Ruel Reid noted that with the introduction of a guaranteed seven-year (Grades 7-13) programme of study whereby students can access education through structured and regulated learning, more students will be remaining in school up to Grades 12-13 and hence will require additional support for examination subsidy at that level.

“The education ministry will also provide a subsidy for three units in the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) each year, which includes the compulsory subject and two others. Full subsidy will be provided for the Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ), National Vocational Qualification of Jamaica (NVQ-J) and two subjects in City and Guilds,” he added.


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