September 18, 2014 5:18 PM

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Sarai Lee Moodie brought retro vibes to the stage as she performed Tina Turner's 'Proud Mary'.

Wayne Marshall and his son Giomar, thrill the audience with their single 'Stupid Money'.

JL's rendition of Michael Jackson's 'I Want You Back' was a huge hit with the audience.

T'Rizzy's flawless delivery of Tom Jones' 'Delilah', had the judges singing him praises.

The judges (l-r) Wayne Marshall, Conroy Wilson, Denyque Dontre and Anthony Miller are all smiles at the beginning of the show.

With one million dollars up for grabs, the top three contestants in the Digicel Rising Stars competition sang their hearts out on Sunday night at the TVJ studios.

Though the judges had previously complained that the contestants were not stepping out of the box and upping the ante, all three contestants tried feverishly to wow them this week. With the energetic Young Kings eliminated from the competition, the contestants were tasked with performing two songs - one Billboard hit and another which was chosen by the judges.

JL was first and delivered a perfect rendition of Bruno Mars' Treasure. Though the judges liked it, they did not believe he was fighting hard enough for first place.

"I did not treasure that. It was safe, boring," Anthony Miller quipped.

The man from Trelawny, T'Rizzy was next with his cover of Am I Wrong by Nico and Vinz. Guest judge Wayne Marshall sang him praises, saying he had "great vocals and good vibes."Miller agreed, adding that he was the best singer left in the competition but that he was still playing it safe.

The only female left in the group, Sarai Lee Moodie brought drama to the TV studio with her version of Nicki Minaj's Moment For Life, complete with her rap verse and over-the-top outfit.

"You showed versatility and your fun side. I liked the energy," Wayne Marshall said.

"I didn't expect the rap, so I liked the fact that you surprised me. The fake American accent and rap, I didn't like. You shouldn't have chosen Nicki Minaj," Miller said.

With the judges' pick round up next, audience members were excited to see what song the judges would chose for each contestant.

Denyque chose Michael Jackson's I Want You Back for JL. It was an impressive performance, though he messed up close to the end of the song.

"You put up a strong fight, but you messed up in the end. That was still a strong performance. But your performances need to build to a climax," Conroy Wilson said.

"It's a pity you messed up the end. You had fluency on stage. However, your voice is mediocre. I don't think you should win the competition," Miller told him.

Proving once again that he is the one to beat, T'Rizzy's rendition of Tom Jones' Delilah was nothing short of perfection. Miller had high praises for him, especially since he had chosen the song.

"He mashed it up. It was wicked. Very good. That song will stick in people's mind. You brought the drama. It was very well done," Miller said.

"You hit the nail on the head. You have immaculate tone and delivery," Wayne Marshall said.

Not to be outdone, Sarai Lee Moodie performed Tina Turner's Proud Mary, a song also chosen by Miller. Dressed in her retro outfit, Moodie's performance had audience members singing along.

"You come fi dem. The attitude and conviction was there. It wasn't perfect, but thumbs up," Wayne Marshall said.

"You stumbled at the end but I won't hold it against you. You were brave to chose this song. You stepped out of your comfort zone," Miller told her.

At the end of the performances, Wayne Marshall and his son Giomar thrilled the audience with a performance.


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