Large crowd and value for money at Champs

March 25, 2018 6:25 AM

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Friends , our rich athletics tradition is looking good for the future with all those outstanding performances at Champs.

I am sure the large (33) crowd that turned out to watch the events got value for money (25). Congrats to all our boys (11) and girls (16).

While entering the parking lot of the large shopping complex in the Boulevard in Kingston, I stopped and allowed the dude (23) and his mama (36) all the time in the world to walk pass safely. So, I was wondering why the dude was staring at me and screwing up him face. In case him see mi again, mi want to mek it known seh mi not in the number two (2) business. Get that straight!

The few raindrops (24) felt good but we need a good shower. Right, friends? The place dusty and hot bad.

When will we learn? Why are we fussing about the road being named in honour of our fifth (5) prime minister? That party that believes the country belongs to them better be careful dem nuh hurt themselves more, 'cause right now dem in a the valley.


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