Lawyers of alleged Tivoli gangsters' head to Supreme Court for bail

June 30, 2018 5:38 AM

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DEFENCE lawyer Vincent Wellesley, who is representing one of the alleged Tivoli Gardens gangsters who were yesterday denied bail in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court, says the attorneys for the accused are planning to seek bail for their clients in the Supreme Court.

Wellesley, who is representing Delmarco Cephas, said the attorneys have asked the judge to provide her reasons for denying bail, in writing, as they plan to seek bail in the high court.

Alleged Tivoli Gardens area leader Andrew Leighton 'Livity' Coke, and six co-accused who are all implicated in the death of an alleged gang leader from Denham Town, are to return to court on July 24.

Livity and Michael 'Titty Man' Coke Jr, brother and son of incarcerated Tivoli Gardens don Christopher 'Dudus' Coke, respectively, Dudus' youngest brother Lanchester 'Bramma T' Coke, along with David 'Alien' Biggs, Wayne 'Ratty' Peart, Lesha Jones, and Cephas are all charged with murder and conspiracy to murder.

The charges stem from the March 12 killing of Patrick Davis, who was believed to have been the leader of the Screamers Gang in Denham Town.

According to police reports, Davis was allegedly lured to a Kingston hotel by a woman and was abducted. His body was later found dumped in Rockfort, East Kingston.

The seven accused, whose lawyers had made their bail applications last Friday, were yesterday denied bail after the judge ruled that she would not be offering them their freedom based on the strength of the Crown's case and fear that if she offered them bail they would interfere with the sole eyewitness.

In addition to those factors, the lone female was also denied bail on the grounds that she is a flight risk as she was taken off a plane two days after Davis' death.

In the meantime, the Jamaica Constabulary Force yesterday beefed up security on the grounds of the courthouse and its environs after it was reported that a supporter of one of the accused had threatened the judge on the previous court date.

A small group of police with high-powered weapons was seen on the grounds and outside the court.

Only individuals who had cases to answer were allowed on the grounds of the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court and security checks were conducted at the gate to the premises. There were no reports of any incidents at the end of court yesterday.


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