'Lotto Money' to benefit Children First, Love and Hope Ministries

September 17, 2014 5:03 AM

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Published: Wednesday | September 17, 2014

Three of Jamaica's highly acclaimed actors - Munair Zacca, Dorothy Cunningham and Peter Heslop - will bring to life on stage another hilarious comedy production at The Theatre Place in Kingston entitled Lotto Money. The production is scheduled to open on Friday, with cocktails at 7 p.m., and showtime at 8 p.m.

Directed and produced by Pablo Hoilette, Lotto Money promises to make the audience laugh uncontrollably, as drama unfolds between a prominent radio talk-show host who tries to outsmart a 'little man' out of an $80-million lottery prize.

The prominent radio talk show host, Walter Nelson, will be played by Best Actor awardee, Munair Zacca, who will no doubt bring much laughter as he plays his role as the conniving character in Lotto Money. Zacca is well known for his role as 'Sonny T' in the television series, Royal Palm Estate.

Starring in the role of the street-smart character of Samuel DeSouza, is Peter Heslop, a familiar face on the theatre scene who is highly respected among his peers as a dedicated theatre practitioner. His trademark comical expressions and skill at his craft will definitely come into play during ongoing conversations with the talk-show host to defend what he thinks he truly deserves - the lotto prize money.

Supporting actress Dorothy Cunningham plays Alzira Nelson, the wife of Walter Nelson, who tries to pacify the differences between the two men, although she, too, has her own motives. Cunningham has been actively involved in the performing arts since 1974 and is well known for her stellar performances on Lime Tree Lane, Trevor Rhone's Old Story Time, among others.

Part proceeds from Lotto Money will benefit the Children First and Love and Hope Ministries, two charities which care for the welfare of Jamaica's children.

Tickets for Lotto Money are available at The Theatre Place, 8 Haining Road in New Kingston.

Source: jamaica-gleaner.com

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