Mad man, goat and money

February 11, 2018 5:58 AM

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Friends, I am wondering why so many mad man (27) deh 'pon the road yesterday. Saw one at a bus shed weh look like him tek up residence as him have all type a dutty clothes wid him.

How city people treat dem hungry belly goat (35) so bad? See one man tie out fi him goat at the roadside with only dry grass and paper to eat. How people wicked so? No wonder di goat meat full a so much bone.

That dream of being in a big (33) bank talking about money (25) was strange, especially with big interest rates. It sounds more like Finsac.

When officials (34) decide that dem put party first, there is nothing that they can do to hide that part of them. How many Jamaican politicians put country first? Don't let their great oratory fool unnu!


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