Man attacks woman for reportedly watching him with 'software bug'

April 8, 2018 7:08 AM

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LAUGHTER erupted inside the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court last week when a man who was arrested for reportedly threatening to kill a cosmetologist and poking her in the face told the court that she had a “software bug watching him”.

“Yes, she have a software bug watching me, a Microsoft software bug. you can google it,” Kingston 11 resident Omar Davidson said, sparking an outburst of laughter inside the court.

The laughter continued when the judge asked Davidson if he was related to the complainant and he said: “I was told, but I don't sure.”

The accused was arrested and charged with assault and assault at common law.

on Thursday the court heard that Davidson saw the complainant and picked up a stone and tried to hit her with it and also threatened to kill her.

Further allegations are that Davidson also pointed his finger in the complainant's face and poked her in the face.

The complainant, who was present in court, said that Davidson, who is not a relative, has been a provoking her for the past three years and had stoned her salon causing damage to the windows.

When asked what was the source of Davidson's problem with her, she said: “Him say me a bug him and him waa kill me 'cause me a live off a him skin.

“Three years now him a trouble me; constantly him coming at me and told me if him get a gun him ago shoot me,” she added.

Further to that, the prosecutor told the court that Davidson was of the view that the complainant bugged his phone, and also that she made a movie of him and was living off him.

It was at that point that Davidson told the court that the complainant had a 'software bug' watching him.

However, Judge Smith, after listening to Davidson, remanded him for a psychiatric evaluation scheduled the accused's return to court for May 25.


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