Money, 40-leg and policeman

February 18, 2018 5:28 AM

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Friends, anytime I dream about money (25) I get excited, I don't know who is going to bless me with the $93,000 the woman (36) had to hide around a corner and count out for me.

Then, my friends, these crawly things called 40 legs (31) can be disgusting. Killed one on carport Wednesday and by Friday I saw its cousin.

That policeman (13) who pepperspray the journalist (23) must be a madman (27). Even it was an ordinary citizen filming a scene the police have nuh right fi do that. They have little support from the public and better cherish it!

That female BBC journalist (7) who reported from Montego this week must have been in a different Jamaica? She said young men (11) in this country is an endangered specie? Jamaican boys by the time they reach six (6) dream of joining a gang? The crime crime problem is between the police and drug cartels? It's mainly dreadlocks men (12) being searched by security forces in St James?


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