More residential approvals for Kingston

February 18, 2018 6:21 AM

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Nine developers seeking to construct apartments and townhouses in Kingston and St Andrew had their applications for building permission approved by the Building and Town Planning Committee of the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) on Wednesday, February 7.

But while the properties are being developed, building officers at the KSAMC will have them under scrutiny to ensure that the number of parking spaces proposed in the building applications materialise.

Lee Clarke, vice chairman of the Building and Town Planning Committee, promised to vet the number of parking lots after Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Councillor Tosha Schwapp (Stony Hill division) said that although the developers stated in their building applications that there would be adequate parking space, at some of the developments cars had to be parked on the road because there were insufficient parking spaces on the properties.

Three apartment blocks and a townhouse block are to be constructed at 52 Kirkland Crescent, St Andrew . The apartment blocks will comprise two three-storey apartments and one two-storey apartment. The overall development will consist of “16 one- bedroom apartment units, two (2)- three (3) townhouse units, a swimming pool and other amenity areas“.

At 15 Norbrook Drive, Kingston 8, three attached three-bedroom townhouses are to be constructed at the property, which currently consists of one single-storey detached dwelling.

At 37 Lawrence Avenue, Kingston 8, it is proposed to construct two two-storey apartment blocks. Block one will comprise a two- storey building with four studio units, and block two will have two one-bedroom units.

At 38 Deanery Avenue, Vineyard Town, Kingston 3, six one-bedroom units with living and dining areas and a kitchen are to be built.

The committee has approved an amended proposal for a development at 121 Hydra Drive, Smokey Vale, St Andrew. The original building permission had approved nine one-bedroom units in two apartment blocks. However, according to the Building Committee, “The revised proposal contemplates a reduction in the size of the development, wherein the size of Block A is being reduced by half the number of units from 0-8: the common area/strata unit has been eliminated from the development. The proposal contemplates the construction of two two-storey apartments.”

A revised proposal was also submitted and approved for a development at 7 Charlemont Avenue, Kingston 6. Originally a town house and apartments had been proposed. However, the revised proposal is for the detached three-bedroom townhouse unit to be converted to two one-bedroom apartments.

At 16 Washington Drive, the committee has granted permission for the developer to construct three apartment blocks comprising eight two-bedroom units – four two-bedroom units at ground floor level and four two-storey two-bedroom units occupying the first and second floors.

At Leicester Avenue, Kingston 8, the plans to construct nine one-bedroom apartments have been approved.

The committee also gave permission for the construction of a four-storey apartment building consisting of seven one-bedroom units and two studios at 23 1/2 Elizabeth Avenue, Kingston 8.


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