New date set for 'Jamaican Mafia' premiere

September 18, 2014 6:07 AM

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Published: Thursday | September 18, 2014

An unexpected turn of events led to the postponement of the world premiere of the highly anticipated film Jamaican Mafia. Fast-forward a few weeks and things seem to be on track once more, as a new date for the film's premiere has been set.

Today, fans will get their long-awaited first glimpse of the gangster thriller, as the movie premieres at the Sunrise Multiplex Theatre in New York. To ensure that the premiere actually happens this time, the production team has disclosed that they will have on hand more than one copy of the movie. They also made visits to the theatre to ensure that everything was up and running prior to today. Scheduled to start at 8 p.m., the event is still expected to pull a large crowd despite the almost two-week delay.

Following today's showing, the film will show in Atlanta on Saturday before making its way to South Carolina on Sunday. As the demand increases for the movie to be shown in other countries, there have been ongoing discussions surrounding whether the movie will make it to these countries. While the production team is not against the idea of having more screenings in different countries, they are focused on completing this phase of the promotional tour before taking on a new one.

Originally scheduled to premiere on August 27, the event was stalled after the executive producer, who had the only copy of the movie, suffered a stroke and had to be rushed to hospital on the evening of the premiere. Since the incident, the production team has been issuing refunds to persons who purchased tickets for the original date.

The Jamaican premiere of the event is expected to take place in the coming months.


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