October 26, 2018 2:33 PM

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I'm protected by my big electronic gate. You must have a buzzer or code to get through it. The walls surrounding my house are so high you would have to be a long jump athlete to get over them. I also have a security guard as extra protection. All my windows and doors are grilled. I also have my machete close by which I know how to use. In fact, I have weapons hidden in every room.

Am I preparing for the war? Do I live in Afghanistan? No, I live right here in Jamaica, the land of paradise where we greet each other “No problem man”.

But there are problems, too many for our paradise island we call home. Even with all the security measures I have put in place to protect me, my daughter and the rest of my family, I must admit I still do not feel safe. We live in a country where between January and September 2018, 36 children were murdered. Every single day we hear on the news of a woman being raped or murdered.

Gone are the days when women and children were spared. The criminals have no respect for persons, sex or age.

What are we to do to protect ourselves, to save ourselves, to live to see tomorrow?

Who will protect our girls from being the next victim walking to the shop to buy their supper from the few dollars hustled for the day and gets kidnapped at gunpoint, raped, throat slashed, dumped in a gully?

When will the village rise up and protect our children, who are left in the care of a neighbour who has been molesting them?

What of the mother who is a helper and can't leave her bosses children until they get home in the nights, who on her way home she gets robbed and gang raped?

Who will be that little girl's saviour who is trying to tell her mom that her uncle touches her at nights but too afraid she would never believe her?

I have so many unanswered questions. Can you, can the government and those who create our laws, those hired to serve and protect answer them?


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