Parson, big disaster and flood

October 14, 2018 5:35 AM

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Parson, big disaster and flood

Friends, the radioman (23) in the small (10) gospel station came good yesterday when he reached out to parsons (29) to pray fervently for the baller who is very sick (20).

He also had people calling to pray for the national player who had unfortunately lost his motor skills. We know, after so many prayers, hehe will be back.

What a piece of disaster in big, big (33) Florida! From a tropical depression to a monster storm in just a few days. Dem deh flood water (30) neva mek joke. Not to mention the wind that took down an entire community. Sorry for the loss of lives (3).

Wonder when the American commander in chief (34) will be convinced that climate change is real. The hurricane called Terrible Tony was no joke. We wish a speedy recovery for all affected .


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