Philanthropist aids tumour patient

September 16, 2014 3:21 PM

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Contributed Glitzy Hair Operations Manager, Mitzie Harriott-Moodie (second left) hands over a cheque to Glenda Harris. Sharing in the moment are Janelle Pinnock (left) and Wendy Russell. The handing over took place at Glitzy Hair's Clock Tower Plaza location recently.

When Jermin Culley read the article 'Tumour endangers young man's life' in THE WEEKEND STAR of July 31, 2014, about the plight of medullablastoma patient, Kabul Rochester, 21, without thinking twice he decided to make a contribution.

"It was a no-brainer," he explained. "I was moved almost to tears by the story and I knew that I had to do my part in helping out this family."

Culley's staff at Glitzy Hair in Clock Tower Plaza, Half-Way Tree, said their boss has a 'soft heart' and is a great philanthropist.

"This isn't the first time he is doing something like this. Mr Culley loves to give. He gets a deep satisfaction from helping out those who are less fortunate. We weren't surprised when he came into the store holding a copy of THE STAR and instructed us to make contact with Kabul's mother because he was going to offer some financial assistance," Operations Manager Mitzie Harriott-Moodie disclosed.

Although Culley prefers to give quietly, this time he was persuaded to do something a little less private, in the hope that others would be encouraged to make a contribution.

"Perhaps, there are some persons who might not have seen the original article, but they will see this one and it will move something in them, just as it did to me, and we can all put hands and hearts together to help make life a little easier for Kabul and his mother, Glenda Harris," Culley stated.

A smiling Harris was extremely grateful for the contribution and had words of praise for the management and staff of Glitzy Hair.

Rochester was diagnosed with the rare brain tumour, medulloblastoma when he was just 13.

He has undergone several operations since then. However, the cell disease that forms the tumours can only be eradicated through a treatment called craniospinal radiation, available only at the Radiation Oncology Centre of Jamaica.

Harris is his sole caregiver and she is facing dire financial hardships as she struggles with mounting medical, utility and food bills. The two live in a dilapidated one room structure in Hope Bay, Portland.


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