Plans for new party permits

September 18, 2014 5:18 PM

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The St Thomas Parish Council has launched an investigation into reports that the police have implemented controversial new rules for party promoters and club owners.

Councillor for the Llandewey Division, Edwin Marr, at the recent meeting of the council, disclosed that it has been brought to his attention that a meeting was held between the police and the club owners, where they were told that those who sought to rent clubs would have to seek a separate permit from the police, as only proprietors had the right to operate clubs past a certain hour.

The council expressed concern about the potential fallout the new rules could have on commerce, highlighting that the entertainment industry is one of the last thriving industries in the parish. Several councillors also questioned whether the actions of the police were in keeping with the law, as legitimate party establishments already had permits to operate, and a permit being sought by renters would be unnecessary and excessive.

Deputy Superintendent Beresford Williams, who was present, explained that very few clubs that have licences meet the full requirements for operation, and several renters have been in breach of the law by holding events at the clubs with sound systems on the outside as well.

He said no conclusive agreement had been reached at the meeting mentioned by Councillor Marr, and that dialogue was ongoing between club owners and the police.

The new strategies are a part of the St Thomas police's efforts to control crime in the parish. DSP Williams assured the council that discussions will continue to come to a satisfactory conclusion.


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