Rat, lizard & other characters

August 13, 2018 5:36 AM

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Friends, seems some people in high places, aka politicians (34), on a character assassination campaign. Dem on a 'power-at-all-cost' trip; so as one rumour dry up, dem roll out a next one. What with these stories about guns (2, 27), plane (29) and top-level secrecy? Is only a matter of time before dem tek it to the big house (33) pon Duke Street weh dem can run dem mouth (14) and get weh wid it. Mi shame!

Everywhere mi turn mi si a crowd. Ketch di rake (25)? And, is it dat we are obsessed with fire? People talk about it recently and the topic hot again, so I guess we should keep fire (2 & 27 again) on our cards.

Some things can happen to some people, yuh see! Imagine a friend of mine leave a pan of clothes soaking outside only to realise that one big ground lizard (31) tek up residence inna her wash pan (8). And I don't know how dat massive dead rat (15) ended up in my dream. More time.

Source: jamaicaobserver.com

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