September 15, 2014

September 16, 2014 3:21 PM

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The St Thomas Public Heath Department has intensified it's activities to stem any spread of the chikungunya virus in the parish as well as other mosquito-transmitted diseases.

Medical Officer of Health for the parish Dr D'oyen Smith, says the department has instituted measures inclusive of identifying and eradicating mosquito breeding sites by means of fogging as well as a public education programme.

He said the eradication of mosquito breeding sites is most significant as it reduces the number of mosquitoes that are responsible for the spread of mosquito-transmitted diseases inclusive of chikungunaya and dengue fever.

Dr Smith, who was addressing the monthly meeting of the St Thomas Parish Council last Thursday, also pointed out that his department has begun issuing phamplets and CD's complemented with announcements throughout communities in St Thomas as part of an educational programme.

Under the intensified programme the health department has secured a new fogging machine known to have a ultra low volume that emits a mist that suspends tiny particles that kills the adult mosquitoes from a longer distance, while the mist remains longer in the atmosphere and is more effective than the previously used apparatus.

Along with the traditional method the new machine is now in operation at known mosquito breeding grounds of Lloyds, Nutts River, Seaforth, Red Hills and Dalvey.

While explaining how the chikungunya virus by the aedes aegypti mosquito, known as the housewife's best friend because it usually takes up residence in homes, Dr Smith said this mosquito is also known for spreading dengue fever.

He appealed to residents to ensure containers with water are treated, bottles disposed of properly and tin containers, he said should be punctured before they are discarded.


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