Students using garden as sex spot

September 16, 2014 3:21 PM

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A public garden in the Corporate Area is the site of sex and other promiscuity involving schoolchildren from prominent high schools within Kingston.

Last Friday, when THE STAR visited the location, though people were reluctant to speak, a number of persons confirmed that students have been caught in compromising positions.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a bag-juice vendor admitted that last Tuesday a male student of a high school had asked if he sold condoms. However, he told the student that he didn't. He also pointed out that he has seen female students in the company of other male students in the garden.

A security guard at the location admitted to having been given strict guidelines to prevent students with no business at the garden from entering.

"We don't let in schoolers. If we see them come from break, we send them back," he said, admitting that students who come in the company of parents, teachers or guardians are allowed inside.

The security admitted that schoolchildren are not the only ones involved in the promiscuity.

"Everybody involved, you know. Them nuh seh it started in the gardens," he chuckled.

"There are incidents where we have to call in the school principals and the Papine police. Even gays from schools and gays and lesbians [are involved]. We try our best to get the guards to get rid of them," the representative said.

Calls to confirm if reports have been made to the Papine and Matilda's Corner police stations were unsuccessful, as the police were unaware of them.


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