Trench Town hero making strides one year after saving boy

September 16, 2018 5:40 AM

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Trench Town hero making strides one year after saving boy

Last year when Tremayne Brown jumped in a gully that runs along Collie Smith Drive in Trench Town to rescue 11-year old Renaldo Reynolds from raging flood waters, he was not thinking about a reward.

In fact, Brown who cannot swim was not even thinking about the possibility that he could have drowned, too, during the dramatic rescue of a boy he had never met, although their houses are metres apart.

While the publicity has died down, there has been major developments in the life of both the man who has been hailed as a hero and the thankful family.

For one, Brown has been making strides with his job at the Lasco Group of Companies, and two, he has been adopted into the family of the boy he rescued.

“A year after, basically it has been a massive change to tell you the truth, from where I was and where I am now. I have a job and I have motivation to do other things and I want to do other projects. I want my own things, so it gives me an oppoutunity to better my life,” he stated.

Brown, now a beverage promoter, was offered a job with Lasco a day after the story was published.

“I have been working for almost nine months now. It really does help me to get by and I actually enjoy the work as well.

“I set up events, I go on events, I pack up after events ... all type of things. I go all over Jamaica, I go to St Elizabeth, St Mary, everywhere. So it gives you an aspect of Jamaica to see how beautiful it really is,” he said.

The 25-year-old who was deported from the United Kingdom months before he rescued the boy, left Jamaica when he was six years old.

Last week when the Jamaica Observer revisited the historic community hours shy of the anniversary, Brown was not staying at his board dwelling on First Street. Instead he was at young Reynolds house on Seventh Street.

Reynolds' mother Kareen Duggon revealed that Brown had been staying at her home.

The mother of five said Brown has now become one of her own since the incident.

“A year ago I could've lost Didi [Reenaldo]. I would have been in sorrow, stress, and pain now but I am happy that Tremayne save Didi and I love Tremayne like how me love Didi. I just want the best for Tremayne,” she said.

At the same time, Duggon said it seems as if God sent Tremayne into her life — someone whom she had never met although their houses are metres apart.


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