Uganda, the next ‘Chill Spot’ for Christopher Martin

September 15, 2014 4:36 PM

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Christopher Martin’s appeal has surpassed Jamaican shores, and now the African continent has embraced his music, so much so that he will be returning there on Friday, September 5, where he will be performing in Uganda.

The singer, riding high with hits such as Chill Spot, Paper Loving and Cheater’s Prayer, anticipates his upcoming performance and describes it as an awesome feeling. “It’s one of those feelings that you try to pinpoint one word that would kind-of truly express how you feel, but you can’t really put your finger on the word,so it is an awesome, awesome feeling,” Martin said of his African reception.

He has certainly come a long way from the teenager growing up in Back Pasture District quietly penning lyrics, never knowing they would have had this kind of impact on music lovers. Martin sees all his musical success as ‘brawta’ and continues to give thanks for the direction his career is going. “To see my songs penned so long ago in the country, taking on new wings and opening new borders is living proof that music has no boundaries,” he said.

Martin is happy the country he has heard so much about while growing up, has wholeheartedly embraced his music. “It’s the best feeling ever. Growing up and hearing that we’re all from Africa and being able to go there and witness the country for yourself, to see the people and feel the love it’s an awesome feeling. Words can’t explain,” he said.

While the singer is in Africa gearing up for the big stage, the video for his latest single Look On My Face was released on the video sharing site YouTube recently. Rapping about the video he said it’s one that people facing hard times will appreciate.

“Look On My Face, the song is one of those uplifting songs that speaks to people who are having a rough time, but they are like troopers. They don’t really show whatever they are going through on their face, that’s why it says “sweep our troubles underneath our pride, that’s what it’s all about,” he said.

The video which was shot in Europe has production input from Joshua and Olly from Silly Walks Discotheque, noted for their production work on Exco Levi’s Storms of Life and Strive, which features Kabaka Pyramid and also won last year’s Juno Award for Best Reggae Recording.


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