Vernon Buckley returns Refreshed

September 24, 2017 8:55 AM

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Vernon Buckley, best known as a member of The Maytones, returns to the scene with a new solo album titled Refreshed. It was recently released digitally and on compact disc.

The set contains an updated version of Money Worries, a hit song for the group in 1979. Buckley, who has lived in Toronto since 1980, wrote most of the songs on the 15-track set.

Though most people associate him with The Maytones, he has established himself as a solo act in Canada.

“I've been very active writing and releasing new songs. I always have a album every year,” Buckley told the Jamaica Observer.

He co-produced the latest version of Money Worries with Trevor Elliott, who had a lot of success as a producer with singer Edi Fitzroy during the 1980s. Elliott said the idea for a fresh take on the song came from British disc jockey Musical Genius.

Born in Clarendon, Buckley and Gladstone Grant formed The Maytones in the late 1960s. They recorded several quality songs throughout the next decade including Funny Man and Madness for Alvin “GG” Ranglin.

Ranglin also directed the duo on Money Worries, a song first recorded by singer Ernest Wilson at Studio One. Their version is part of the soundtrack to the movie Rockers.

Buckley migrated to Toronto 37 years ago and fashioned a solid career, recording regularly and touring with Bedouin Soundclash, a leading reggae band in that city.

He has performed throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, Brazil, and Israel. According to Buckley, his years as a Maytone were happy and productive ones.

“I never left the group as some may think I did. I am the life of The Maytones, did all writing and many harmonies for the group,” he explained. “The time had come that I should also have a solo career.”


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