Website claims ...Management team unaware of incident

September 16, 2014 9:00 PM

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News reports out of Zimbabwe say dancehall artiste Kalado got a rude awakening during his debut tour of the African nation when several missiles were flung from all directions during his set last Saturday at the Old Hararians Sports Club.

Despite his songs receiving airplay on stations in that country and on the clubbing scene, his performance was lacklustre, reports

In addition, the news website reports that the artiste's performance was reduced to some pornographic show when he got up close and personal with local female dancers one after the other.

The website also claims that the artiste believes that patrons hurling missiles in his direction was an appreciation of his performance quoting him as being impressed by the crowd.

"It was my first time performing in Zimbabwe and I was impressed by the crowd. On the cans, I thought it was a form of appreciation since I don't understand the Zimbabwean language," Kalado said.

NewsDay continued that the artiste was not affected by the behaviour of Zimbabwean fans and if invited again he would return for a second show.

A disc jockey rushing to Kalado's defence says the Zimbabweans should be patient with foreign acts. He also said that while dancing with the girls would have been acceptable elsewhere, the environment in Zimbabwe would not have called for that kind of behaviour.

Publicist for the artiste, Ray Alexander, when contacted, said the artiste being bottled was news to him. He therefore could not deny or confirm that he had been bottled.


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