Woman who admits to urinating in police station parking lot freed

February 25, 2018 7:42 AM

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A woman who relieved herself in the parking lot of the Hunt's Bay Police Station had her littering charge dropped when she appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday.

Adesia Johnson, who pleaded guilty to littering in a public place, was freed after she told Parish Judge Vaughn Smith that a policewoman ignored her request to use the restroom.

The prosecutor told the court Johnson was seen by a policeman stooping between two motor cars.

Johnson told the court that she was on her way from an interview when she was informed by her sister that her nephew was taken into custody by the police.

Johnson said that while she was at the station enquiring about her nephew she wanted to urinate.

“Pee pee came down on mi and I asked police to use the restroom. The police nuh pay mi nuh mind. I went between the car and she saw me. She said 'get up' and I got up with the pee-pee,” Johnson explained.

The prosecutor told the court that when Johnson was cautioned, she said: “Mi nuh know weh nuh toilet deh.”

The court was told that the policewoman was seemingly shock and said: “So you really p... yah so.”

Prior to setting her free, Smith asked: “You asked the police where the restroom is?”

“Yes Sir,” Johnson replied, adding, “Look like she was going to talk to someone. She never show me where the restroom was,” Johnson explained.

Source: jamaicaobserver.com

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