ZJ Milo aiming to become a distinctive brand

September 1, 2018 2:00 PM

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ZJ Milo aiming to become a distinctive brand

For years ZJ Milo has been working continuously on the turntables in an effort to become a distinctive brand who is always eager to rock any event he is booked for.

ZJ Milo, real name Odane Francis, hails from the Kingston 13 area and he is also a budding promoter, who sometimes teams up with fellow selector Hotta Rice.

"Any event we book for is straight shellings. We enter the venues and create a party mood for all patrons. We a mek di people dem party, straight," ZJ Milo said.

The jovial selector, who is known for his exciting juggling style, has also mixed for some big-name artistes, such as Jahmiel, Bugle and Nesbeth.

"Right now, we a do road hard. I'm working on expanding my name and craft, and I'm very excited about my partnership with Hotta Rice to make great things happen in the music industry locally and internationally," he said.

Source: jamaica-star.com

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